Kids + Disney + Line rides + Where’d Dad go = Disney is now stocked to the gills with craft beer. Something for the whole family, eh. The kids get to frolic throughout their wildest dreams, in the happiest place on earth. You and the Mrs., you guys get to go frolic all over Disney World sudsed-up on strong, hoppy refreshment. It’s a win-win situation. Meanwhile, who’s watching the kids? Goofy? Donald? Pocahontas??

Warm wishes and thanks to Forbes for shining a light on our new next destination. How else are you going to stomach the hellacious mayhem, the jovial cacophony, the ruckus of a hundred-thousand kids losing their ever loving minds at the same time…

What used to be stinky Uncle Buck sucking back a high-octane Budweiser waiting for the lines to die down, has now evolved into beer options beyond your wildest imaginings. The toughest decisions of the day are no longer Space Mountain or Harry Potter. No, the toughest part of your day will be “Lagunitas IPA or Bell’s Oberon”. Marvel at a few of Disney’s offerings in the craft beer category:

Funky Buddha, Cigar City, Goose Island, Key West Sunset, Sweetwater, Hornsby’s, Victory, Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Kona, Magic Hat, Leinenkugel, Florida Beer Co., New Belgium, Full Sail, Napa Smith Brewery, Sierra Nevada, Orlando Brewing, Altenmünster, Warsteiner, Schöfferhofer, Abita, Bell’s, Blue Point, Crispin, Moosehead, Kronenbourg, Unibroue, La Fin Du Monde, St. Ambroise. . . just to name a few.

These can be found spattered throughout the park, in a wide variety of restaurants and settings. Is eight foot tall Donald Duck more bearable now that you have a half-dozen 8% IPA’s surging through your blood? Chances are strong. Is Splash Mountain fun? Yes. Is Splash Mountain exponentially, compoundingly more fun after a few Funky Buddha’s are tossed back? The answer is overwhelmingly yes. Is Goofy a good babysitter? The answer’s no, Sir.