Ric Flair is a WWE wrestling superstar legend and is known for his crazy antics and body slam moves that have delighted fans since the 80s. On a radio show Ric Flair claimed to have slept with Halle Berry the award winning actress who is a talented beautiful woman. Ric Flair said he slept with Halle Berry after she broke up with David Justice back in the day. “She was in Atlanta and she just got divorced from David Justice. “ Ric Flair told the radio show host. TMZ says that this is what he claimed on the radio show and was bragging about his sexual exploits.

The TMZ crew find it a little hard to believe that he did that. The Australian guy says that people exaggerate all the time about their exploits and it spirals out of control until they get caught up in there lies. The TMZ head guy says it was probably a case where a girl looked like Halle Berry and he was very drunk and she told him she was and he believed it.