ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A St. Johns County man was arrested after police said he called 911 to ask for a ride to the liquor store. Police said 57-year-old George McMurrain had already called 911 twice Saturday night when he called to ask for a ride to buy alcohol. That’s when an officer went to the Budget Inn on Anastasia Boulevard to arrest McMurrain.

Dad?  Is that you?  hahaha..  Imagine going to jail in that condition?  Oh God, the hangover….   But anyway.  See, this is why I hate the legal system.. Don’t want us to drive drunk?  Give us $20 bucks towards the cab…  Don’t want us to go out to get booze while were wasted?  Make liquor delivery legal…   I can’t believe they charged this guy.. Really?  He’s a great citizen.. He knows he’s had to much.. Like the ad’s all say.. Drink Responsibly.. RIGHT?!?!   He was drunk he needed more booze, and he called probibly the most responsible people in the world to bring him.. The Sherrif, herself, even said she would… What’s wring with that?

Word for Word:

Dispatcher: This is 911.
Suspect: I need a, I need a — a ride.
Dispatcher: You need a ride?
Suspect: Yes, to the liquor store.
Dispatcher: Um.
Suspect: Sheriff said she’d give me a ride.
Dispatcher: OK, you’re going to have to call somebody else, sir. You called 911. We can’t come give you a ride.
Suspect: Even the sheriff said she’d give me a ride.
Dispatcher: The sheriff said they’d give you a ride to the liquor store?
Suspect: That’s correct.
Dispatcher: Wrong.

McMurrain is charged with misusing 911.