Chelsea – Over a course of two decades, Leroy Martin was arrested several times and imprisoned twice. Since then, he has used many other aliases. This time his new nickname “The Hitman” landed him with a gun charge and evading police.

The suspect was sought for dealing arms during a sting operation by an informant working with State Police. It was while going by the nickname “Hitman” that Martin’s recent criminal activity caught the attention of State Police and the FBI, State Police said in a report of the Wednesday incident.

Martin, according to the report, had agreed to sell a .357 caliber revolver to a person who was cooperating with investigators. The cooperating witness knew Martin as Hitman.  Around 4:30pm, Martin’s grey Oldmobile Alero pulled into a parking lot, where the informant hopped into Martin’s car and bought a loaded .357 caliber revolver for $750, according to authorities. After the informant got out, police followed Martin down Route 1, where they tried pulling him over near Bell Circle, police said.

Martin saw police and sped off, reaching over 70mph through residential streets. The chase went on through greater Boston, over the Tobin Bridge and into Broadway Street in Cambridge, where Troopers fired one shot at the car.  The suspect fled away from the scene again, but because of the densly populated area, the police pursuit was terminated.

A short time later, the vehicle was found to be aboandoned by the suspect near MIT, where the suspect fled on foot.

Around 5:15pm, Hitman was found inside the Kendal Square MBTA station platform, where he was tackled and taken into custody. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

No accidents or injuries were reported.