Oh, early 20th century marketing. Brands could promote just about anything, anyway, however they wanted, all the time.

The “Soda Pop Board of America” used to advertise for starting babies on cola. Not a good idea. Physicians, or those portraying physicians used to promote cigarettes.

Take Guinness for example: “Guinness is Good for You” used to be their slogan. While I personally agree with this stone cold fact, it may not be a scientifically proven by medical doctors that beer is “good” for you.

There are differing views on “moderate” alcohol consumption, and any associated personal health gains. It’s likely that drinking Guinness moderately, or even heavily is absolutely very good for your health, and spirit, and complexion I also heard. But folks take this stuff seriously, and have gone to great lengths to test any hopeful shred of validity in beer adding beneficial qualities to one’s health and livelihood.

Here are a few notes on the beloved stout, according to Men’s Health:

  • Professional researchers from the University of Wisconsin revealed to the American Heart Association that Guinness contained “antioxidant compounds similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables”. So, it’s basically as healthy as fruit.
  • Guinness is a “porter-stout”, named after the “Porters of London’s train stations” who used to fancy the dark brew. What the heck’s a Porter? It’s a fancy English term for railroad employees who work at the stations assisting passengers and loading luggage.
  • Guinness Book of World Records. Published by the company to “answer bar bets where pints of Guinness were consumed”. Brilliant.
  • The best employer on the planet. In the 1920’s, employees of Guinness were entitled to the following: “medical/dental care, academic scholarships, full pensions, (paid vacations)” in addition to “every day of your working life, you would have been entitled to two (free) pints” of delicious Guinness.