It’s a known fact that most brides and grooms like to go all out on their wedding and spend fortune on this important social event. Exotic cars, most expensive dresses, wedding cakes, $200 a plate menus for the guests, stars performing at their receiptions, so on so on.

However for one British couple, the festivities ended up being far more expensive than anticipated. Usman Ali rented a Ferrari 458 Spider so he and his beloved could ride around in style, but things went not exactly as planned. While driving to a friend’s home on Sunday, one day after their wedding, Ali’s foot slipped and the $350,000 vehicle sped into a wall, completely smashing the front end of the car.

Both Ali and his wife escaped any physical harm, surprisingly!, but their bank account will see some damage. Friends of the couple say not only will he likely lose his approximately $7,200 deposit, the rental company has requested an additional $29,000 be paid. Ouch!!