What in the hell is wrong with Grayson Allen?

Something, apparently, is very, very wrong with the Duke guard.

Allen, in his third game back from what turned out to be just a one-game suspension for tripping an opponent, pushed Florida State assistant coach Dennis Gates with six minutes to play in the Seminoles’ 88-72 win over the Blue Devils on Tuesday night.

While it’s not totally clear whether Grayson shoved Gates was out of frustration or whether he was just scrambling for a loose ball, when you have a reputation as a serial tripper, you’re not going to get the benefit of the doubt. The fact that Duke was losing the game by 14 points at the time of incident lends credence to the theory that the action was out of frustration.

Here’s what happened. You be the judge.

Last month, after Allen blatantly stuck out his foot an sent Elon guard Steven Santa Ana to the floor, he was stripped of his captaincy and suspended indefinitely by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. While it was at least the third time Allen tripped a guy on the other team, he ended up missing only one game, and Coach K was ripped for allowing him to come back so quickly.

That criticism may have been justified because Allen, according to some observers’ eyes, appeared to have tripped Boston College forward Connar Tava in his first game back, his fourth such transgression.


A statement issued by the ACC, though, somewhat exonerated him for the possible trip of Tava: “There is nothing conclusive that can be determined (as to the intentionality of Allen’s trip),” the conference said.

Allen was booed and mocked relentlessly by Seminoles fans Tuesday night, and he should get used to that.

While Duke interim coach Jeff Capel, who is watching over things as Krzyzewski recovers from back surgery, said he didn’t think Allen was affected by the crowd’s hostility, Allen shot 2-for-6 from the field (0-for-3 from 3-point range) for nine points and turned the ball over three times. He’s averaging 15.2 points per game, down from 21.6 last season.

“I don’t think what other people say, chant or do wears on him that much,” Capel said, per ESPN. “The kid has been through a lot — he brought a lot of it on himself, but some of the things that have happened are just crazy.

“I am not talking about the chanting; that stuff happens on the road with a really good crowd, and they had a really great crowd tonight. But I don’t think that wore on him. I think Florida State’s defense and their relentless pressure did.”

At 16-1, the Seminoles are ranked No. 9 in the country.

We’ll wait to see if there’s any response from Duke or the ACC for Allen’s shove, but this is what it may take to change his childish ways:

The best revenge, though, is beating Grayson’s ass on the basketball court.

FSU’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes, who Grayson tripped last season, dropped 21 points on Duke on Tuesday and said after the game, “This one was personal for me. Ever since he did that, I’ve been waiting a long time to see him again.”