‘The Girl On The Train’ star Luke Evans talks about getting himself into shape for his sexy scenes in the popular film. This movie also stars Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux and is highly anticipated thriller based on a book. Luke Evans also discusses if his ‘The Girl on the Train’ character is similar to his upcoming role as Gaston in Disney’s live-action version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Luke’s character has his wife go missing and his entire life goes into a tailspin. There are some sex scenes in the show so Peopleasked how he got in shape for being in the movie.

“It was just me head put on a fake body,” Luke said before revealing that he was just joking. “I worked hard to get in shape,” Luke continued. Luke said that he just focuses really hard and works to get in shape for his movie. “Don’t eat krispykremes”, was one of Luke’s advice.