Never know when your going to need that handgun in your locker. You don't want to get robbed by the other millionaires.

Gilbert Arenas, point guard for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, is probably facing gun charges after an altercation with fellow teammate Javaris Crittenton. The feud apparently started on the team plane over a gambling debt then escalated once the players entered the locker room. Once inside, Arenas pulled three unloaded guns out of his locker and placed them on the chair next to Crittenton.  Crittenton responded by brandishing his own handgun gun from his locker. Both players caught with handguns drawn on each-other have since tried to play it off as a joke saying that the guns where not loaded. However, no one in the NBA is laughing. Worse off, Arenas was not licensed to carry fire arms, so criminal charges are sure to come, not to mention the heavy fines and suspensions that will be leveled by NBA commissioner (and Fort Lauderdale resident) David Stern who strictly prohibits fire arms in any of the NBA’s facilities. It has also been reported that one of the guns owned by Arenas was a giant gold plated Desert Eagle not unlike the one used by Saddam Hussein.