The answer to that question really depends on what sort of emergency you are faced with. There are some people who would just panic and others that would stay cool and deal with the problem.

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Emergency Services

There is a huge infrastructure of emergency services in the USA.  It is comprised of millions of highly trained individuals who are ready to deal with disasters of all sizes. It does not matter if it is a car accident, a house on fire or a building collapse, they have the expertise needed to deal with it. The Emergency Service Sector (ESS) includes people who volunteer and those who are paid, but if you need their help, you will not be concerned about such matters.

Although the whole system is primarily a federal one, there are also things dealt with at a local level, such as city police departments and county sheriff’s offices.  However, it is not the best idea to rely on such services as the first port of call.  Often, you will need to act whilst you wait for their assistance.


Emergencies in the Home

Emergencies in the home can be some of the most distressing. If someone gets burned in the kitchen, suffers an electric shock or falls down some stairs, they can sustain some very nasty injuries. There are some ways to help prevent these accidents from taking place, but sometimes no matter what you do they still occur. The next best thing is to be prepared for them, so make sure you have the basics of a first aid kit at least, and that you phone the emergency services immediately if help is needed.

You may be wondering what things you should have to hand to help you deal with an emergency situation in the home. If you are, take a look at Emergency Preparedness Gift Guides for help and guidance.


Emergencies In Public

Emergencies in public can take many different forms, from a car crash to a fire. It could be something simpler such as a fall in the street, which has resulted in a broken ankle or even someone falling into a shop window and glass flying everywhere.  These might seem like more minor accidents, but they can be just as distressing for the victim and they will need help. Some people go to the extent of completing first aid courses and hopefully someone with the training may be around. However, if not, would you know what to do?

If you are not sure, you should call for help and not do anything too drastic as you could cause more harm. If the victim is awake, it is not a bad idea to chat to them in a calm manner, to try and make the situation less stressful for them. The biggest thing of all is to try not to panic yourself, as this can make a bad situation even worse.  Keeping cool, calm, and taking instruction from people that know what they are doing, even if that is just to move away, is the best course of action.  At least then you will not create another situation that needs to be dealt with.

If you have never given thought to how you would deal with an emergency situation, consider getting prepared now.