vape smoke

Who would have ever thought that vaping would be taking the fashion world by storm? Actually, there are several reasons why it is becoming the latest trend among Millennials. Some older folks are comparing vaping to the iconic Marlboro Man commercials and although vaping is infinitely safer than smoking cigarettes, there was a time when smoking was considered “cool.” So then, what is it about vaping that has become so much a part of the fashion industry these days? Here’s a new take on that!

1. Vaping Doesn’t Leave Nasty Odors

The first thing any fashion-conscious person thinks of when comparing vaping to smoking is that vaping leaves no nasty odors. You never walk around smelling like a dirty ashtray when you vape e-liquids instead of puffing on tobacco, and the beauty of it is, some of those juices are quite pleasantly fragranced!


2. You Can Have Your Choice of Hotel Rooms When Traveling

If there is one thing common among today’s generation, that would be their love of travel. Never before has an entire generation been able to jet around the world, literally at the drop of a dime, but smokers are often not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms once they arrive on location. Although you won’t be allowed to vape on planes and trains, many cruise ships allow vaping in certain areas, even though you may not be allowed to light up that after dinner stogie.

Just be careful when packing your vaping device because those trendy gadgets need to be stowed just right to avoid damage and leakage of e-juice. You can get tips for traveling with vaping devices on sites like Mt Baker Vapor if you aren’t quite sure how to safely pack it in your luggage.


3. Have You Really Seen Today’s Vaping Devices?

Talking about trendy fashions, today’s vaping devices can be just as aesthetically pleasing to look at as they are enjoyable to use. While there are those that resemble cigarettes, those aren’t nearly as fashionable as awesome desktop devices that resemble antique water pipes of days gone by.

Some are blown out of glass and are quite artistic while others are combinations of metal, glass, and ceramics. Usually, it depends on how much you are willing to spend on your vaping devices and e-juices, but once you’ve had the pleasure of showing off your latest device, you’ll be hooked on the fashion side if not addicted to the nicotine juice you’ve become accustomed to.


A Few Important Final Words

In all of this, there is one word of warning you should be aware of. Although many people have emphatically stated that they kicked the habit by vaping, the FDA strictly forbids vaping merchants and manufacturers from stating that they are quit devices, even though that is being contested in federal court. If you want a truly fashionable vaping device and some of the most awesome e-juices on the market, take the time to shop around and look at the information on each and every site.

Don’t be led astray by false advertising and even more unrealistic claims. While vaping may help you kick the habit, that’s not a promise anyone can make. The one promise you can believe in is that you will be able to live a fashion-conscious lifestyle without walking around smelling like a dirty ashtray.