Living your best life has been one of the mantras for 2018. Although everyone has different meanings for this phrase, most seem to have taken it to mean living a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Having said that, as a new year is fast approaching, you should think about how you can live a life that you’ll be proud of. There are many routes to achieving this, but it’s first left to you to decide what you want out of life. On that note, keep reading to find out how you can live your best life in the coming year.


Be Honest with Yourself

In order to live a life that makes you happy, you have to be honest about what you want and who you are. Think about the times in your life that you have felt at your best and what you were doing in such moments. Based on that, envision the sort of year that you want and shut out the opinions of others in the process. Think about how you would live if nobody was watching and resolve to live that way in the new year.


Explore More

Put on your explorer hat and get ready to be more adventurous in the new year. Remember that life is a collage of experiences, so create ones that you can smile back at in years to come. Here are a few ways that you can explore more.


  • Travel -one of the best ways to explore more in the new year would be to travel. Although it isn’t always the cheapest thing to do, there are so many places to see that could make it worthwhile. Include a new destination in your budget at least once a year and remember to include nearby cities. To travel more, you could also utilize public holidays as it doesn’t require you take time off work.
  • Try new activities-Another way to explore would be to try out new activities. Research what’s going on in your area and choose the activity that you could never see yourself doing. It’s a way to get out of your comfort zone and overcome fears too.
  • Learn new things-It can be easy to get into a cycle and stop learning, but this is something you should avoid. Make it your mission to read different books and pick up new skills as often as possible to keep your mind young.


Keep Your Credit Score High

Healthy finances can be another way to live your best life, so try and make sure you develop positive money management habits this new year. When your finances aren’t in order, it can turn your life upside down and create a significant level of stress and instability. To keep your money in good shape, try these top tips.

  • Borrow Responsibly– If you decide to take any loans out this coming year, make sure you do so responsibly. When taking out loans, consider peer-to-peer lending with companies like Prosper. However, before doing that, read through Prosper loans reviews and ensure you’re satisfied with the terms of the loans.
  • Be Organized– Life can get crazy and you can easily forget to keep up with bill payments. Stay organized by setting reminders and reviewing your budget regularly. In doing so, you shouldn’t miss any payments or end up defaulting on loans.


Have Goals

One of the things that makes life worth living is having something to live for. Think about what you would want to be remembered for if you died and try and be intentional about working towards leaving that legacy. To set new year’s goals that you won’t forget about after January, focus on what you’re adding to your life and not taking away so you feel less deprived. Create healthy habits and reward yourself to help encourage and push yourself further.


Spread More Love

Caring about the people around you more is another way to live your best life in the new year. Try and pay attention to your loved ones and meet their needs in the best way that you can. Also, think about how you can give back to those who need help. This could be by volunteering, helping elders, or donating to a special cause.

While spreading love to those around you, don’t forget to share some with yourself as self-love is important as well. Nurture your wellbeing by surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest at heart and put yourself first. In doing so, you should find that you’re in a position to give the world the best version of you.