"My other girlfriend is an Android.!"

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs (born February 24, 1955) is an American businessman, and the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Jobs previously served as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios and is now a member of the Walt Disney Company‘s Board of Directors. Jobs married Laurene Powell, on March 18, 1991. Presiding over the wedding was the Zen Buddhist monk Kobun Chino Otogowa. The couple have a son, Reed Paul Jobs and two other children. Jobs also has a daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs (born 1978), from his relationship with Bay Area painter Chrisann Brennan. In the unauthorized biography The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, author Alan Deutschman reports that Jobs once dated Joan Baez. Deutschman quotes Elizabeth Holmes, a friend of Jobs from his time at Reed College, as saying she “believed that Steve became the lover of Joan Baez in large measure because Baez had been the lover of Bob Dylan.” Honors:

  • On November 27, 2007, Jobs was named the most powerful person in business by Fortune Magazine
  • On November 5, 2009, Jobs was named the CEO of the decade by Fortune Magazine.
  • He is ranked #57 on Forbes:The World’s Most Powerful People.

Steve Jobs is also the Nemesis of Bill Gates. Not the Arch Enemy, which you might have heard in the past, but I will get to that later.. His plans to control the world are starting to become a reality.

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