Fast and Quick Ways to Earn Extra Income – A Guide


Sometimes we all could do with earning a little extra income. Maybe you want to buy that special gift for a loved one, enjoy that designer watch you’ve wanted for so long, or perhaps you are just struggling to make ends meet every month. Whatever the reason, there are ways you earn a little extra to get what you want. If you are looking for fast and quick ways to earn extra income, then this guide shows you how!


Get a Second Job

One sure way to earn extra income is to get a second job that you could do during the evenings or at weekends. While this might not be an ideal choice, especially if you have family commitments, see it as a short-term solution to getting you the funds you need. One second job idea is to drive for Uber, all you need is a clean driving license and a clean car, and you can work any time of the day or night. Other options include cleaning or landscaping, washing windows, or any handyman tasks that people in your area might need. Check out local listings to find one-off jobs in your area.


Sell Your Stuff

Another quick way to raise some cash is to sell your unwanted or unused belongings. You could list them on auction websites, or advertise through social media. If you have old books, especially textbooks, then try selling them on Amazon or student websites and forums. New texts books are often expensive, and cash-strapped students are always on the look-out for cheaper alternatives.

There are also websites that specialize in CDs and DVDs and will pay you a fixed rate per item, without you having to find a buyer.

If you just want to sell a few different items in one go, why not have a yard sale? Put up a few posters near to where you live telling people the time and date of your sale, then get all the stuff you want to sell out in your yard. This is a fun and quick way to get cash, and it is all done in a day.

Having a sort through your home will bring up lots of items that might be of value to someone else, and it has the other benefit of decluttering and minimizing your stuff!


Research Bank Promotions

Often banks will offer you a reward for switching accounts to them, such as offering a hundred dollars if you open an account and deposit some money. Some banks offer more than others, but all have their own terms that you need to fulfill in order to get the money. While opening bank accounts might seem like too much effort, it is a quick way to get some extra cash.


Freelance your Skills

You could offer your skills and services to other people for a fee if you look for jobs on freelancing websites. The good thing about this is that some jobs you can complete in a day, giving you a quick way to earn. Examples include proofreading jobs, copywriting, or computer programming. Whatever your skill set it, there are freelances jobs out there. Check out websites such as, Upwork and Fiverr.


Answer Online Questions

Become an online expert and get paid to answer questions on a topic. This can be through online chat, such as a customer service agent, or through written answers. One example of a website is Just Answer, where experts are paid to help others with their queries.


Paid Surveys

Brands are always on the look-out for participants to answer questions about their products, and there are websites you can join that pay your cash for every survey you complete. Some websites even offer you a cash bonus just for signing up. While this won’t earn you mega money, it is a way to earn a little extra.


Website Tests

You can get paid for testing websites and offer your opinion of things like its design, ease of navigation, and how you found the user experience overall. Tests usually last for ten to twenty minutes, and payment can be around ten dollars. So if you have half a day free to test websites, you could make a good amount in a short time.



While it might not fall into the realms of ‘earning’ if you need cash to get you out of a fix, then a short-term, or pay-day, loan is a solution to consider. Here is one website to learn more about loan options. Once you take out a loan, you pay it back in installments over a few months or a year, however, the longer you take to repay it the more it will cost you in interest. When looking for a short-term loan, do your research and make sure you are happy with the terms and conditions.


Reduce your Expenses

It might sound like a no-brainer, but have you considered how much extra money you could get simply by reducing the amount you spend every month? Like canceling that gym membership you rarely use, making lunch at home to take to work instead of buying it every day or cutting out any unnecessary extras from your groceries. Once you begin looking at ways you can reduce your spending, it is amazing how much you can save. That might be all you need to make sure you have enough money every month or to save up a sum of cash.

Making some quick cash is something we all need to do from time to time, either to help us make ends meet or to buy something that we can’t quite afford. The good news it that is you put your mind to it and are willing to put in the effort, there are ways that you can quickly earn some extra income. Most of it can be done in your spare time, so have a look at some of the options and see how much you could make!