film stripThe silver screen has traditionally presented us with unattainable but fascinating areas of life that we’re all too happy to consume for entertainment’s sake. From war films to costume dramas, we rejoice at experiencing ways of life that are seemingly far from our own abilities to indulge in. Happily, this is no longer the case as this article will demonstrate. There are numerous ways in which you can implant yourself into the narrative of a film, with friends or family, so that you can bring the magic of the movies into your life.


Murder Mysteries

The preserve of great novelists across time and around the world, such as Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes mysteries, now you’re able to either download or create your own murder mystery, set in your home with costumes and characters just like how these great novels have been adapted for the silver screen. Think Wild West dramas or English country estate disasters during which you play real-life Cluedo, in character, to ascertain who committed the murder in your own home.



The appeal of thrillers (one of Hollywood’s great genres) is the fast-paced intensity of the movie, during which you feel there’s a clock ticking to secure some resolution to the drama taking place. Look no further than the Escape Room Atlanta for your own taste of this exhilarating narrative. You’ll be pitted against the clock with a group of friends to solve riddles and clues that will lead to your salvation; that’s if you play all your cards right like the main protagonist of a film, of course.


War and Conflict

Some of the most sensational, moving and fascinating movies of the last few decades have been in the realm of war, dramatizing real-world conflicts as Apocalypse Now did for Vietnam, or Black Hawk Down did for peacekeeping in Somalia. The best way to experience the adrenaline rush of war is to take yourself and your pals down to a paintballing center, where you’ll only feel a modest amount of pain when you get shot, but you’ll be able to strategize and make heroic dashes for the enemy flag like your famous war movie moments.



If fantasy is your thing, then there’s a whole host of fans out there like you who want to implant themselves every now and then into the world of Tolkien and Rowling or George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. Whether you choose to do this virtually on games such as World of Warcraft, or in the real world through live-action role-playing extravaganzas in parks and forests in your locality, you’ll be sure to find people who are willing to play the roles you have most enjoyed on the silver screen. You will feel well and truly immersed in a medieval world of sorcerers, giants, trolls and all other fantasy creatures. Probably no dragons, though.


Get yourself, your friends and your family into the roles you’ve most enjoyed int he movies through these activities, giving you a deliciously exciting taste of Hollywood.