If you don’t swing the bat, you’ll never get a hit.

That’s extremely valuable dating advice for guys, some of whom are just too shy to ask out a girl. And the hotter the chick, the more shy a guy becomes, it seems.

One guy, named John Goehrke, recently saw a pitch he liked, took a swing, and sure enough got a sweet hit – a date with pro tennis player Genie Bouchard, who is hot enough to be featured in the just-released SI Swimsuit issue.

It gets even better for Goehrke. The Canadian beauty is totally down with going out with him again.

Here’s how it all happened:

With the Falcons holding a seemingly insurmountable lead over the Patriots, Bouchard thought it was a fine time to boast about her Super Bowl prediction. Goehrke saw an opportunity and took a chance.

Bouchard kept her word, and the two went on a date – to Wednesday night’s Bucks-Nets game at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (her choice).  She even paid for his flight from Chicago.

TMZ caught up with the blossoming couple on their way out of the arena, and Bouchard was glowing.

She likes “normal” guys, of which he’s one, she said. She also said he was a total gentleman, picking her up at her hotel, even bringing her a gift (more dating advice here, fellas)

“I’m so lucky,” she beamed.

Nice work, John. You are an inspiration to us all.

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