G-Dep Explains Confessing to Murder: “I Didn’t Feel Free and Clear”

Former Bad Boy artist, “G-Dep,” also known by his real name, Trevell Coleman, spoke to DJ Vlad about why he decided in 2011 to confess to a murder he committed during a robbery attempt in 1993.

Although, the rapper had gotten away with the crime for almost 18 years, he says it didn’t feel that way to him, “I didn’t feel free and clear.” He explained, “Every day, I was faced with this memory and this heinous act, that really didn’t have to happen.”

On December 15, 2010, Coleman walked into 25th Precinct to turn himself in. He confessed to a cold case crime, a murder of a Queens man in 1993. Coleman had attempted to confess twice before, but was previously considered to be under the influence of drugs and incoherent.

On October 19, 1993, John Henkel was shot in the chest by a .40-caliber handgun outside of James Weldon Johnson Houses on Park Avenue and East 114th Street. Coleman stated that he ambushed and shot Henkel during an attempted robbery and fled the scene throwing his weapon into the East River. Coleman’s information matched with the case and he was charged with murder.

He is currently incarcerated at the Elmira Correctional Facility, located upstate in Elmira, NY. Coleman told in an interview that he confessed because the case weighed on him and he was “just trying to get things right between himself and God”. Coleman claimed that he did not know that his victim died.

Sean Combs commented on G. Dep’s situation on Sirius Shade 45 radio show, saying Coleman did the “right thing” by confessing.

Coleman pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder at his appearance in New York Supreme Court on January 13, 2011. He was convicted of the second-degree murder charge on April 17, 2011 and was sentenced to 15-years to life in prison on May 8, 2011