Already a worldwide phenomenon in Europe and Latin America, the FROSTSHOT is set to make its splash in the United States. I just recently enjoyed my first FROSTSHOT and loved it. This chilly adult treat is not exclusive to Miami; the “Frozen Liquor Shot” can be enjoyed all over the country in hot spots like LA, NYC, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Chicago and The Hamptons.

The FROSTSHOT currently comes in Five Flavors: Cherry Bomb, Wild Berry Blast, Caribbean Passion, Tropical Explosion and Extreme Lime. It can be savored frozen — straight from the package — or mixed into a cocktail with your favorite booze. The FROSTSHOT is 10% alcohol by volume and uses a sugar-cane based alcohol that gives it its unique Liquor flavor.

The FROSTSHOT is a cool and delicious alternative to beer or regular shots. Ladies absolutely love the FROSTSHOT because it is sweet, goes down easy and you can drink four of them like it’s nothing!! A supermodel I spoke to, who asked to remain nameless, told me, “It is perfect at the pool or the beach as much as it goes well at the club or at a BBQ. I get tipsy on these real fast…and I don’t even realize it because they are so sweet. I love the FROSTSHOT!”

The FROSTSHOT is making the rounds all over the US and taking over pool parties everywhere. Here in South Florida, some of the stylish locations you can enjoy a FROSTSHOT at are The Clevelander on South Beach, Exit 66 on Ft. Lauderdale Beach and Sun Life Stadium (Home of the Marlins and Dolphins). Some other fine establishments where you can score the FROSTSHOT when you have to jetset around the US include The Hard Rock and Wynn Hotel Pools in Las Vegas as well as the Golden Nugget, and if you’re going to San Francisco you can can enjoy one at Pete’s Tavern and Momo’s Restaurant.

The FROSTSHOT Team is always throwing great pool parties, and they want you to be there to get your hands on this frozen treat. There are plans for a FROSTSHOT college tour starting in sunny Florida. Stay tuned online to all future parties at and on Facebook as well.

You can get “frosted” right now. ┬áPickup FROSTSHOT at your local Crown Wine and Spirits or order online and have it sent right to your door.