You know when you reach for the door handle on your white refrigerator that came with your builder’s special split-level, and it’s the discolored hue of uncooked chicken leg drumstick skin? You try to Clorox-wipe it. Then you pan around the room to find the chipped, swollen cabinet faces on your Reagan-era MDF cupboards glaring at you. Your floors are dirty. No, they’re stained? Are those knife marks in the Formica?!

It’s time, Sir. Your kitchen needs love. Are you trying to upgrade those countertops to French Enameled Lavastone? Odds are poor. Are you making the jump from Frigidaire to La Cornue? Chances are slim. With the infinitesimal catalogue of options in new gear for your kitchen reno – things can quickly get out of hand. Unless you’ve got a reliable builder on your side to guide you through the process, there are enough options out there to make your head spin.

Rather than explore the practical side of renovating, let’s have a look at a handful of appliance options that will make you want to cash out that high yield retirement plan of yours to get them humming in your kitchen.

We should start at the top. High-end manufacturer “Maneghini” sells a $41,000 refrigerator carved from solid oak. The Italian company has been producing luxury kitchen items for over 60 years, and isn’t worried about putting anyone off with the price tag. Every piece is customizable and trimmed with one of three varieties of hand-crafted brass.

If a Managnini Arredamenti Cambusa is a bit too sweet for you, then perhaps the modestly priced “La Cornue Grand Palais” stove is within budget. The six foot long oven can be yours for $37,000. But hey, it comes with two different ovens (a convection gas and a vaulted electric), and a lava rock grill in addition to its six burner range. What.

Okay, okay, let’s get serious. No one wants a Mercedes for an oven. Juicing! Smoothies! Everyone you know is into juicing these days. Nothing like fresh squeezed organic juice. So, for the new kitchen, get yourself the “Hammacher” commercial juicer. It’s only $9,900. It squeezes 28 oranges per minute!