Free Mr. Clark, Free Mr. Clark, Free Mr. Clark!!! Oh wait that was a different movie… Apparently Lindsay Lohans friends are planning a jail house protest today for her at the Lynwood Correctional Facility where she is being held. The “Lean On Me” inspired protest should turn out to be not as exciting as the one in the movie. Mostly, because they don’t have a cool school song to sing, but that doesn’t change the fact that they think Lilo should be free! Why shouldn’t she be allowed to leave jail early? She’s a star, she’s rich, she’s hot, she goes both ways. Hell, I just convinced myself, Free Lilo, Free Lilo, Free Lilo!!! In other news for the incarcerated starlet, it looks like she may have to go straight from jail to a rehab facility for an additional 90 days after shes released. Though, sources close to Lohan say her camp is pushing hard to try to get some time in between stints. Not good news for Lilo who would most likely rather see home for a couple of days before entering the rehab.