David Chiverton, the former City Manager of Opa-Locka turned himself in on Monday. Chiverton is being charged with the participation in a two-year long bribery and extortion scheme.

According to authorities, Chiverton and Harris used their official positions within the city to solicit, demand and obtain thousands of dollars in bribes from businesses and individuals in exchange for some sort of official action.

Chiverton’s attorney David Garvin entered a plea of not guilty and asked for a trial by jury. He also waived Chiverton’s right to be indicted by a Grand Jury and to “proceed by information” in this case. Chiverton’s attorney said that his client would be cooperating with prosecutors and he will accept his part of the responsibility in the scheme. The judge ordered Chiverton’s passport and released him on a $50,000 surety bond.

Chiverton’s attorney had this to say about his client:

“I think David Chiverton has done a lot of good things for the city of Opa-locka and always wanted to do the right thing. I think when the facts are known you’ll see that he was under tremendous pressure from the establishment there and the system and he tried to get out of the way and he just couldn’t. The net result is, is if you want to keep your job you follow orders and I think David will take responsibility for his conduct. I envision putting forth all of the facts in this case as relates to what happened in Opa-locka. There were a lot of discretionary matters here involving people who were higher up,”


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