According to, a very reliable and up-to-date news source for all things sonically heavy, four of the most famous metal bands in the land will be joining up for what will probably be just one show in the USA. The bands slated to play this “Big 4” metal show are Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax.

The current line-up of Metallica, one of the "Big 4" metal bands. Photo from AP

The site announced that a recently created Facebook page for the event gave clues that it would only be a single performance. However when the Chronicle investigated the same Facebook page, all clues had been removed and certain wordings on the page had been changed several times.

Either way I’m sure it will make a fantastic DVD special, and perhaps something for VH1… if VH1 played any kind of music anymore.

It is also nice to see that Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield can coexist on a bill together. I’m sure anyone interested in this article has a knowledge of their tumultuous history together, as Mustane was unceremoniously booted from Metallica back in their early days.