A mako shark recently stunned a group of fly-fishermen after taking their bait off San Diego. Their boat captain captured the show as the shark repeatedly leapt out of the ocean.

A fisherman probably wished this was the one that got away when a large mako shark repeatedly jumped out of the water near his small boat. The man can be heard screaming in terror when the shark comes close to his vessel, off the coast of California. He shouts instructions to leave the area as quickly as possible while the shark leaps up to four meters into the air. “Go, go, go, get away from it,” he screams as the boat speeds from the shark.

Mako sharks, which can grow up to four meters long, are known for their aerial acrobatics. Scientists are unsure why they leap out of the water but believe they might be searching for prey above the surface. The mako’s larger relative, the great white, is also capable of breaching, using the method to launch surprise attacks on their prey, such as seals. Images of great whites breaching show the predators leaping more than three meters into the air.