Personally I think Floyd Mayweather is a dick. He has a ton of cash and he can fight, but he is a dick. I so badly want to see Manny beat the shit outta this guy. It seems more and more like this fight just isn’t going to happen. Either way, Floyd took to the Internet, specifically the super cool online streaming / broadcasting site to go in on Manny Pacquiao. He showed that he is clearly a moron and a racist. I gotta tell you, it shows so much about a person’s character and wit when they have to rely on 3rd grade quality racist jokes to get their point across.

Congrats to Mayweahter for showing what an asshole he really is. I can only imagine if Manny took to the airwaves and said he was gonna “beat Mayweather’s ass and cook him up with some okra and ox-tales”…”maybe add a little malt liquor for flavor”. Sounds pretty stupid right?

Well listen to Floyd’s gems of wisdom and you will hear the similarities.