Rock Recovery Center

Rock Recovery Center located in North Palm Beach, FL takes a very unique and quite effective approach to helping those dire souls genuinely looking for sobriety. Some have described Rock’s rehab method as “A Life-Transformation Process With a Side of Adventure.”

Rock Recovery Center was founded by a couple of dedicated guys that have worked in the drug/alcohol addiction industry for a combined 15+ years. They take what seems to be a broken system and put a little spin on things to offer what they humbly believe to be one of the most comprehensive, influencing, life-changing programs in the South Florida region. Some patients claim it’s one of the most effective programs in the country.

They are not a one size fits all treatment program. They want to offer their clients what they deserve, the right to feel good about themselves, to have that sense of accomplishment and self-worth. If that means going against the grain, then Rock says, “Lets do it together.” They are an intensive out-patient program that offers groups Monday through Friday. Their groups consist of traditional, adventure based, health and wellness.

Recovery Can Be Fun! Their treatment model uses several research-proven methods that take advantage of all of what beautiful South Florida has to offer. They are not your average classroom based treatment experience. Their clients leave their program with an unbreakable recovery knowledge that lasts!

Groups Proudly Featuring:

  • Regular Adventure Outings
  • Daily CrossFit Classes
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Licensed Nutritional Support
  • Small and Specialized Groups
  • Credentialed Staff
  • Low Client to Therapist Ratio
  • Healthy Catered Meals
Here is a recent testimony from one of their patients that clearly speak for itself:
Rock Recovery Center changed my lifeFor years, I dealt with the struggle of addiction. Not knowing what was coming next in life. Not knowing if today would be my last. Not knowing where I could even begin to start my road to recovery. Rock Recovery Center helped answer these questions for me and left me with new life-long friends and with a feeling of confidence and joy for my new future.”
Rock does their best to show their clients that they are here to live life, serve a purpose and help others as much as possible. They believe that if they can instill these principles into their clients then their chances of success are greatly increased. Life is supposed to be fun, it is very hard for an addict to comprehend that they can have fun without having drugs or alcohol in their body.

Rock Recovery Center Crossfit

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are the first things that they are going to treat, that is a given. But in conjunction with that they are going to address things such as nutrition (good mood foods and bad mood foods), exercise habits (or lack thereof) and life skills (a lot of people need to go back to the basics!). On top of these they also believe that they need to REDEFINE the word fun…..They take their clients outside to different parks, preserves, and wildlife sanctuaries in hopes that they can come to the realization that they do not have to use substances to have fun. A full recovery through Nature, Nutrition and Action so to speak.

Addiction recovery success depends heavily on how one feels day-to-day. One key element absent from many recovery programs and centers is NUTRITION. There are foods that we consume on a daily basis that are going to affect the way that we feel during the day. An addict is used to numbing their feelings with drugs and alcohol so if we are consuming foods that are constantly making us feel terrible then we are just setting ourselves up for failure. Not to mention that some of the foods we consume as Americans damage the body just as much as drugs and alcohol do! (Energy Drinks, Fast Food, MSG’s, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, just to name a few) Rock makes it a point to feed their clients, every time they are with them, with wholesome, clean, non-processed foods. All of their groups have food catered in from a company called LivLean. They provide the best quality, most nutrient dense food that anyone could ask for. Their clients absolutely love it!

Rock also has their very own CrossFit gym called CrossFit First Step. A few of their staff members are Level 1 Certified CrossFit coaches as well as Masters level therapists. They hold classes every day, at no cost to the client, to help get their bodies into shape and to build a solid foundation of self-worth and accomplishment. Exercise has been PROVEN to be one of the best forms of therapy and medication for a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Across the board, Rock Recovery Center’s staff, knowledge, techniques and experience is your best bet to achieve the health and self-worth that you and your loved ones deserve.


DO NOT get stuck in the addiction hamster wheel! Rock Recovery Center was developed to help you Today!

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To Happy, Healthy, Sober Living!


Josh Leidolf