What year is it? America has got to be the most racially segregated, religiously entrenched, hate group fueled piece of government run property I have ever known. Land of the free apparently, unless you have a beard, and your name is Mohammad.

In his video, Andy Hallinan of Citrus County Fla. who owns the Inverness gun shop declares that “I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

Florida_gun_supply_confederate_flag_needed_facebook_askedTwo employees have since quit after the making of the video and after the Shop’s Facebook page had a post asking for a donation of a Confederate Flag because he didn’t own one. Glad to know he wasn’t racist before. As you know, the Flag was recently taken down across the nation as it was declared a symbol for oppression and hatred.

Despite his racial remarks, Hallinan said he believes the majority of Muslims are not out to kill Americans.

“If they come in here and they say, Hey, I don’t believe in Jihad. And I don’t believe that killing some innocent people in the name of religion is the right thing to do, then they’re as American as you or I,” Hallinan said.

A comment from American-Islamic Relations stated that his new store policy is violatiing federal law and should be brought to the attention of the Justice Department.

“I invite Andy, the gun shop owner, to break bread with us, to get to know us as his fellow Americans, as neighbors. We might be his doctor, his police officer, his firefighter. That’s what the American-Muslim community is, and I think he should get to know us and not let fear and hatred divide us as Americans,” CAIR representative Hassan Shibly said.

“Muslim-free?” So how do you say that in German? I am so glad this genius is armed to the teeth. Totally not against federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination based on religious beliefs.