groundalsStarting at $49.99, women’s ‘Groundals®’ now available in three colors with comfortable

flip-flop design; men’s shoes, additional women’s colors, styles expected later this year

Key West, Fla. – September 12, 2013 – After four years of research and development, the team behind Get Grounded Footwear™ knows one thing for sure: the shoes we wear keep us electrically disconnected from the Earth and the solution is right under our feet.  Today, the company unveiled its first-ever mobile groundalsgrounding product, women’s Groundals®. Starting at $49.99, this innovative, made-in-the-USA shoe (pictured below) utilizes a proprietary technology to replicate the benefits of walking barefoot with added protection, comfort and style.  As a result, the wearer is electrically connected to the Earth (grounded), helping them look better, feel better, and experience increased energy for improved quality of life.

Grounding, or ‘earthing’ as it is also known, is an ancient science founded on the belief that people who place non-conductive barriers between themselves and the ground lack the healing power of the Earth’s energy.  While our natural state is grounded, modern-day habits insulate us from the Earth’s energy.  When the body is grounded, it readjusts, creating a physiological balance by allowing the body to absorb millions of what are called ‘free electrons’ from the earth’s surface.

“The practice of grounding is not widely understood but if you’ve walked barefoot, you’ve grounded yourself without realizing it,” said Dean Richards, co-founder of Get Grounded Footwear™.

Recent studies have produced exciting, compelling evidence that being grounded has a significantly positive effect on the human body. However, until now, grounding has been limited to expensive industrial niche products with no stylish, affordable, fully-conductive option.  Over the past four years, Richards and co-founder/designer Sandra Sidwell researched grounding with the mission of making it an affordable, practical lifestyle for the mainstream market.

“Grounding positively impacts overall health and wellness, but clearly, it is not always possible to be barefoot.  We are thrilled to introduce an entirely new category of products, making grounding accessible to the masses and allowing the world to reap the benefits in a convenient, affordable and stylish way…which is even better than barefoot,” said Sidwell.

The benefits of grounding, which make Groundals® the ideal casual footwear option for active women seeking a healthy lifestyle, include:

A better balanced body

  • Speedier recovery from physical activity or athletics
  • Enhanced overall vitality

“When haven’t you said ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘I can’t sleep’?” asked Justin Donoghue, chief operating officer.  “Modern living has distanced us from nature.  At Get Grounded Footwear, we look forward to helping bridge that gap, demonstrating the health, wellness and lifestyle benefits of grounding to consumers around the world.”

The Florida-based Get Grounded Footwear™ leadership team is no stranger to the footwear industry.  In fact, Richards is well-regarded for his efforts building the world’s top specialty foot and shoe care business, Implus Corporation. It was after retiring to Key West that this self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, along with Sidwell, developed the idea for grounding footwear.

Get Grounded Footwear™ is launching first with its women’s Groundals® flip-flop.  Launch of the first men’s product, the Ion Man® slip-on sandal,is expected soon along with a wider variety of women’s colors and styles in the works. All products are expected to debut on a national level by Q1 2014 and are manufactured exclusively within the United States.


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About Get Grounded Footwear

Get Grounded Footwear™ is the first casual, stylish, affordable footwear featuring a fully grounded (conductive) foot bed.  Products – made exclusively in the USA – are created from a proprietary trade-secret material called TerraMater®. Unlike industrial conductive footwear designed to offload positive electrical charges from the body (often used in operating rooms, when dealing with explosives and solvents, and other professional environments), Get Grounded Footwear™ was designed to offer little to no resistance for those who wear the comfortable, affordable casual footwear in everyday life.  The shoes conduct free electrons and allow those who wear them to replicate walking barefoot, absorbing free electrons and positive energy from the Earth’s natural surfaces. Get Grounded Footwear™ enables the wearer to look better, feel better and have more energy for improved quality of life.

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