The Bent Rim Experts

   We’ve all seen it before: a beautiful set  of rims bent by a curb or a pot-hole in a matter of seconds.  It’s infuriating when your nice ride is all banged up,  and you have no choice but to replace the bent rim, hoping that you can find a perfect match, or go out and buy a new set of wheels altogether…. that is unless you’re OK being the guy with three matching wheels and one stock (don’t be that guy, it’s pathetic).  No worries folks. You don’t need to be that guy after all…there is another way to get your ride back, looking good as new.   Instead of shelling out bank for new wheels, go see the pros at Supa Mags! Supa Mags wheel repair makes the impossible possible by taking your bent, broken or chipped rim and making it new again. How  on earth is that possible? Technology, that’s how. Supa Mags  has a full factory operation with patented repair machinery, lathes, polishing machines and balancing equipment.   That’s right folks, those old rims in your garage can be fixed and put back out on the road with just one trip to Supa Mags! Not only that, after you get your rims fixed Supa Mags has a refurbishing service to get rid of all the gook and brake dust that can start to fade and damage your rims, making them shiny and clean as the day you bought them. When you leave Supa mags your wheels will be perfect; it’s that simple.   So before you go out and get new rims just ’cause you smacked a pot-hole, put your wallet back in your pocket and head down to Supa Mags where they can fix it for pennies compared to the cost of new wheels. So do your wallet a favor and don’t blow your hard earned money replacing something you can fix. The friendly staff at Supa Mags is waitng for you today. Also don’t forget Supa Mags does brakes, repairs, oil changes, alignments and balancing–it’s a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs!   Supa Mags is used by everyone in the motor vehicle industry from car dealers to insurance companies, so you can feel assured that your wheels are in the hands of professionals.   Supa Mags is located 625 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale FL 33311.   Call them at 954.768.0104 or visit them online at