Today is the day of love. February 14, 2020, also known as Valentine’s Day, is upon us and couples are flooding restaurants, spas and flights for a day or even a weekend away. However, there are plenty of people who are panicking looking for last minute plans. Don’t worry! Here is a quick guide for some clever date ideas. Romance your significant other like never before!


Backyard Bonfires


If you’re trying to have a romantic evening during the cold weather, then a backyard bonfire is perfect for two. Cuddle up next to each other and enjoy the beautiful night sky as you roast marshmallows and stare into each other’s eyes. You really can’t beat the way a fire looks in your partner’s eyes.


Get Away


This one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. You and your significant other have to deal with your monotonous days in and out. What better way to leave that mindset behind and think only of each other than to just get away? Take a drive out to the ocean, visit a new city, go to that city nearby and be yourselves.


Go to The Theater


A night out to the theater is a wonderful way to spend the evening. We’re not talking about the movie theater either. Old school theater truly romanticizes life in a way like no other. Watch people escape their lives and act roles in which they put their entire soul into. Laugh and cry together as you watch something beautiful.


Re-Create Your First Date


If you want to blow your significant other away, then re-create that first day that you fell for them head-over-heels. This idea not only shows how much you pay attention to the little things, but that you care for them and cherish them as much as they do. Regardless, your choice for a date should be from the heart. It is easy to find yourself conforming to the ideas of others for Valentine’s Day. Just remember; express yourself the way that your partner loves you for and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful day.