CBS News – NEW YORK (CBS) Yes there’s a sex tape. Yes it stars Kendra Wilkinson and yes the former Playboy playmate and E! reality star can be seen performing nature’s reproductive wonders. Or so says Vivid Video, the porno peddler who plans on releasing “Kendra Exposed” whether or not Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend gives the go ahead. Now Vivid has doled out the first frames of the film, but will the full tape see the light of day? Kendra’s camp fired a “cease and desist” at Vivid, who refused to comment on legal matters to Celebrity Circuit. According to Radar, the letter said there had been a “gross violation of Miss Wilkinson’s constitutional and common law rights of privacy.” No pun intended, we think. But Vivid founder Steven Hirsch told Celebrity Circuit that their attorneys had given them the green light to release the sex tape regardless of how Kendra feels about. Vivid was also mum on Kendra’s co-star on the tape, saying only that it was an old boyfriend and the whole affair went down before she marred NFL star Hank Baskett.

I came across these newly released pictures and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I feel less and less pumped to see this everyday. Like, I have almost stopped searching forums and blogs to find it before the release date. Looks more like the missing link in that last photo. And is that a mini fridge she is kneeling down next to? Man, Playmate or not this looks like it is gonna be one raunchy gang bang. I know it was like six years ago and she is all, pre Hugh Hefner, old man balls, whore bag and shit, but it seems this will be more reminiscent of watching those After Dark movies on HBO On Demand. I predict that we will see something similar to the Paris Hilton tape, where it’s all fuzzy and blurry and if you concentrate real hard, you might be able to get a chubby. Please Vivid, come June don’t lie to us and put out something like her running around drinking mini bottles and screaming completely naked off the balcony. It’s been done already (see Kim K.). The way that you are building this thing up makes it seem like it will be nothing short of a letdown. We’ve all seen this before.

Top Ten celebrity Sex tapes :

  1. Verne Troyer (Mini Me)
  2. Chyna & X-Pac
  3. Fred Durst (really? eww.)
  4. Kristen Davis (S.I.T.C)
  5. Tila Tequilla
  6. Colin Farrell & Playmate Nicole Narain
  7. Kim Kardashian and Ray-J
  8. Paris Hitlon
  9. Rob Lowe (post Young Blood)
  10. “The Innovators” Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee

  11. prma