A fight between roommates in Brooklyn NY has lead to the death of one of the men.

According to police Mohammed Karim, 58,  stabbed his roommate in his right thigh and then he got thumped on his head during the brawl in their Coney Island apartment. Police officials said that Karim had become enraged that his roommate was taking to long as he needed to use the bathroom to go number 2. The roommate fought back hitting Karim in the head with an unidentified object.

At the time of the altercation both men declined medical attention and were both taken into custody. Karim was charged with assault, weapon possession and menacing. The charges against the roommate were later dropped.

Six days after the assault, Karim, who was in Department of Correction custody, was taken to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, where he died. The city Medical Examiner deemed Karim’s death a homicide Wednesday after determining he died of blunt force trauma to the head.

The case has now been ruled a homicide.