I’m introducing myself to you dear readers, as the Fearless Fashionista. Writing from my laptop out by the pool of the Chronicle Mansion, I thought I ought to set the stage for what’s to come in the Fashion and Style Section.

First things first. I’m not a fashion snob. Not one of those chicks that has to have designer everything and lives to go shopping. Neither do I believe that one must spend bucket loads of hard earned cash on keeping up with the ever-changing trends. What I am is a fashion stylist, meaning that I show individuals what they need to wear to make them look amazing, even when they don’t think it matters or they don’t think they can. I’m blessed with “the eye”, so I know how to put clothes and accessories together, along with¬†putting my stamp on home decor as well,¬†so that when people see you all they can say is “holy sh*t, you look HOT”.

But let me be clear. You won’t find a bunch of fashion tips here. Everyone is too different to make that work. Some people just need to start over completely and others don’t need to change a thing. Occasionally, if I run across something I think you should know, I’ll tell you. But this section is really more about Personal Style and how to express it to the max.

Let’s face it, we live in South Florida and we wanna look good and live well. Now while all of you are doing what you do all day, I’m either shopping with clients for fabulous swag, checking out the trendiest places to see and be seen, or looking for where you can find the coolest clothes, accessories and furniture imaginable. In other words, I’m the best style resource out there for anyone interested in ways to kick it up a notch or two. If you need more help than I can give in a post, you’ll probably just need to go ahead and hire me.

Ask yourself this: Your style speaks volumes about you, what does yours say about you?

Peace, Love and Fashion