At first I was like.. Damn, this kid rolls hard…  This kid is in the building and no one knows what time it is…   I wouldent want to see him in the pit at Hatebreed… Especially going into 2011 when I don’t got my act up straight.. That’s right…!    You know,  this is straight up Wild Steve with the straight up marsh skills.. Marsh!   You don’t know shit to you know the real motherf*ckin deal, motherf*ckers..  So if you weally, weally, weally, weally wanna know the real deal.. You wanna get your marsh head straight in..  All this bullshit…?  I don’t think you want to because, hey this is what happens when you fuck with the real motherf*ckin, Steve…!   Cue the Lamb of God..  Cue the moshing.. Cue the manboobs…   Cue the..  Steak knife….??    Damn, take it wasy Wild Steve…  I just wanted to thank you for the preivew of your motherf*ckin mosh skills…..  I don’t wanna get mooshed.