O.K…….So here is the latest! This is about to get a lot bigger for good ole boy Brett Favre!

Deadspin.com, who originally got this story rolling, updates out of nowhere a very slick and concise video on how Brett Favre was contacting Jenn Sterger. They end the video off with texted ‘cock shots’ from what seems to be Favre. The whole world sees this, and it is pretty shocking. No real proof in any way it is him, but it sounds just like him. The calls come from a Mississippi (his hometown) area code. And the MF knows a whole lot about the inner personnel of the NY Jets, the team he was on, when this all occurred.

Well, just the other day a reporter brought this situation up to Favre at a Vikings press conference. Keep in mind, that until now, this story was kept kinda quiet. Never truly addressed or probably even believed by anyone. This new video has changed EVERYTHING. Getting back to the reporter…Here’s the clip:

So, you see Brett is a little shook by the question. He had an easy out with the Jets bullshit, but nonetheless, the question was a stunner. It was also reported that this exchange was totally scrubbed out by the Vikings brass in the written transcript of the days interviews. HMMM!

As a result of the questioning, the quiet media sees the story is now touchable, and even ESPN is reporting it. Soon they will be jamming the story down our throats.

So the NFL admits that they’re looking into the matter. The Jets go on record to say they are in full cooperation..blah blah blah. The consensus was that the NFL would more than likely not move forward with serious action because not only is there a provability issue that it is indeed Favre, but there is no pattern of  behavior from Favre like this. UNTIL NOW!!!!

Rumor now has it that Favre also pursued two team massage therapists who worked with the Jets.

The first woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, worked as a massage therapist for the team for a couple years. She talked about how Brett was checking her out. “He was on the table next to mine,” she says “He was looking at my ass the whole time while I worked on another player. He was…ogling me.”

The woman who was massaging Brett that day (massage therapist two) exchanged numbers with him. They say it’s common for players to take the numbers of team-contracted massage therapists should they need additional rubdowns off campus. (O.K.!)

Therapist two received a text message from Favre, according to therapist one. Therapist two assumed it was for a massage but quickly realized Brett was looking for more. He invited both therapists back to his hotel room. Therapist two claims that the texts became increasingly inappropriate (“just nasty stuff”), but she adds that Brett did apologize when he found out she was married.

The text apology wasn’t enough for Therapist one’s husband.

“I called him on his phone and told him I wanted an apology. He acted all arrogant. He refused to apologize.” says the husband.

The couple says they approached attorneys about the situation but were told that because she was a private contractor, there were no grounds for a harassment case. So they didn’t pursue anything further. (Real smart. No second opinion?!?!)

After seeing the Favre story coming to light they decided to come forward with their story. They contacted both Deadspin and the NY Post. They won’t reveal their names just yet, and they “don’t want photographers on their front lawn.” They are considering going public with their story. First, they want to talk to the NFL and the Jets.

Both massage therapists claim they have saved text messages as well.

Treez: Yeah…Holy Sh*t!! So this is right up there with Tiger Woods. Let’s just see how it all plays out. This is the classic, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” BIG story!!! I mean you even have the husband all pissed off about it, stirring up the whole thing. He couldn’t just be happy that he had a piece of ass that the Great Brett Favre deemed f*ckable! What a douche!