It was just an ordinary evening for Delbert Latham who took his six-year-old son, Kayson Latham, to the Texas Wonderland amusement park for a roller coaster ride, Delbert was excited about the event that he didn’t miss to record it for his wife.

Delbert and Kayson both seemed happy before and just as the roller coast begun until the roller coaster proceeded to the first fall, Kayson’s seatbelt snapped plunging him below the cart but luckily his father Delbert was there to save him just in time, he held him and pulled him up then held him tightly as he continued recording.

Little Kayson’s face had terror written all over, but he was determined to go through the whole coast. After the roller coast, Delbert inquired why the seatbelt snapped and the man in charge replied ‘it happens.’ Delbert was furious at the reply and swore never to take his son back.

He was just grateful that he held his son just in time escaping a greater danger. It is not the first time the incident occurred, according to the employee in charge.