Fuck all this P90x.. Fuck all this Ab Roller.  Fuck all this Zumba…  This is Willy Jones, and he has created a brand new Cardio workout that you can do at home, even do it in your tighty whiteys..

At first I thought this video would be stupid.. I was like, “Look at this portly fellow with the weird haircut, looking like a young Chris Farley..”  Then I got scared because he isn’t on drugs,  he isn’t famous and he probably lives next door to me..

Then I was thinking.. Damn he’s lame..  But then,  kid throws on the 3rd song in Jock Jams and it’s  spin kick followed by a furry of Turbo thrust punches….   Something about this kid screams, don’t mess with me or I will come to school with my fathers gun..