The season of Autumn is upon us and the festivities have begun all around the United States. People are gathering things for the spooky holiday Halloween, and gathering all the necessities for the family gathering coming the month afterwards. For many people, autumn means Halloween and pumpkin spice along with apple cider and warm blankets. However, if you have any notion of nature, then you’re probably more excited for all of the beautiful fall foliage that is currently blessing this world.


Walking in a Rainbow Forest


Autumn brings about the cold so that means it is time to start bundling up and shedding that summer lifestyle. That doesn’t only go for us though, as nature can sense the cold arriving and is doing the same. One of the most beautiful times of the year is upon us as the leaves are changing and the world takes a cooler turn. Throughout the northern areas of the United States, there are uncountable numbers of beautiful fall foliage for the nature connoisseur to gaze upon.


Autumn in the North


Most people see the Northeast of the United States as New England, home of all the big cities of the North. Although they are indeed not incorrect, many of these people lack the realization that there is much more to the North than that. Throughout these areas lies a plethora of beautiful nature and wild life. Masses of trees, shrubbery, babbling brooks and wondrous views awaits those that dare to explore.

If scenery is what drives you, then you are in for a treat. The Northeast is currently peaking in colors, so if you’re one to spontaneously take a trip, then this just might be a destination to keep in mind. Vermont, Massachusetts and upstate New York are currently splattered with colors that set the hills ablaze with beauty. Set your mind at ease and take a vacation to enjoy nature this year and while you’re there, enjoy all the autumn festivities that Northeast has to offer!