So week one is in the books, and how did your team do? There were a lot of surprises and a lot of letdowns as well. I am here to save the day and sort it all out for ya! Yeah…you’re welcome.

Here are random thoughts and tips that will help you win your league!

– Wait and see with the Fins. They are forcing the ball to B. Marshall, but 15 points will not be getting it done vs. better opponents than Buffalo. How long will it truly take Chad Henne to show up?

– Buffalo is terrible. They have no O-Line..they have no WR’s..and they have a three-headed RB monster that they are not even sure how to manage…I’m afraid of all of them, and I drafted CJ Spiller.

– Lions lose M. Stafford for maybe six weeks, that is BAD! It will affect Megatron (C. Johnson) we will see how. Jahvid Best had two TD’s….great, but he showed no ability yet to break through the line and a tackle or two.

– The Bears will throw and throw and throw. Who gets the ball is a total crapshoot. This week it was Aromashadu and Knox. Next week it will be Hester and Bennett. Stay away from their WR’s. Greg Olsen is not what he could have and should have been. Matt Forte is the best option as he is an EXCELLENT receiver out of the backfield. He will get you mad points in PPR leagues.

– Darren McFadden had his best and most consistent day as a pro. He had 95 rushing and 6-55 receiving with a TD. A hurt Michael Bush = CLAIM the JOB! It looks like J. Campbell will be checking down to McFadden all year, as the Raiders showed some difficulty moving the ball.

– Chris Johnson is worth the number one pick…PERIOD!

– Cincy has to be nervous about how bad New England tore up their defense so easily. The only thing they can take away positive from this game was they did their best to throw their way back into the game. OchoCinco had a monster as did C. Palmer. T.O contributed, Gresham had a TD, and even Jordan Shipley is showing he is worth a look lining up in the slot.

– Hakeem Nicks is pulling away as THE WR on the Giants…he had three TD’s this Sunday!!

– Where the f— was Jonathan Stewart this weekend?? Oh, and why can’t Carolina find another WR? Why is this so hard?

– I know the Steelers have a tough D, but with all the talent, Atlanta has to be concerned that they managed only nine pts.!!! Michael Turner was a complete non factor and if you have to target Roddy White 23 TIMES then you have no other weapons…BTW Roddy White was targeted 23 TIMES!!!!!!!!

–  Oh Yeah…the Steelers miss Ben Roethlisberger. I like Dennis Dixon, but he isn’t ready yet.

– The Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Bucs game was uneventful as these teams tend to be. No one truly shined, but keep an eye on the Peyton Hillis / Jerome Harrison split in time (Hillis started). Josh Freeman continues to grow. We will see how he and Mike Williams gel together. Looks good so far.

– Arian Foster had a HALL of FAME day vs. the Colts. This said a few things. One, this kid is a stud and is a legit RB1 for the rest of the year. Two, Indy has some SERIOUS rushing defense issues, and three, Houston is ready to turn the corner. They are gonna have a big season! Manning did what he needed in junk time. It looks like Austin Collie is stepping nicely passed P. Garcon as the number two in Indy.

– Derek Anderson targeted L. Fitzgerald 15 times but only hit him for three. He under threw him and missed badly on out routes. This will change, but it needs to quickly. The Cards were not impressive post Kurt Warner.

– Sam Bradford = 50+ passes in game one…..hmmmm and Mark Clayton…welcome to St. Louis. Enjoy your second life!

– A Rodge had a very mediocre day vs. a Philly D that did all they could. Two picks and two TD’s later and know that it only goes up from here for Rodgers owners. Ryan Grant is out for the year, so Brandon Jackson’s value sky-rockets! He is no longer available in any league of 12.

– Kevin Kolb continued to look like crap, only Michael Vick coming in for an injured Kolb, saved the day and made the game a bit more competitive. Keep an eye on Vick. The Philly job could be his really soon.

– Start being scared about the San Fran QB situation. There are all sorts of issues with S.F. From Michael Crabtree being called out, to Alex Smith not showing up, to the new assistant coaching issues. Things could unravel there. F. Gore and V. Davis seem to be O.K.

– As impressive as the Seattle win was, from a fantasy standpoint, no player was that exciting. The Seattle D (nobody owns) did have a good day, but that was really it.

– Dallas could only put together one TD after a terrible preseason. The Skins do have a great D and it showed, but Dallas just has too many talented players. Something has to give. Miles Austin proved he is the real thing. Romo was O.K. too.

– The Skins…EXCELLENT DEFENSE + SHIT OFFENSE = No fantasy points for you!

– The Ravens and Jets defenses played their asses off. That being said, the Ravens offense had moments of brilliance. Especially Flacco throwing to Boldin and Housh, his two new targets. The Jets have reason to be concerned. It is one thing that they harness M. Sanchez in and not let him to throw or do much downfield. They didn’t move the ball the entire game. Sanchez had the final drive to win the game. He needed 80 yds. but anything is possible. In those final two minutes the Jets went ten yds……yeah…trouble!

– The Chargers are sliding and the Chiefs are turning the corner. Especially on defense and special teams. You gotta love Dexter McCluster and Jamaal Charles for the Chiefs. These guys are serious burners.

So there you have it. A TON OF FANTASY INFO….Now go out and win week two. And tell ’em Treez showed you the way.