You know what’s just about right around the corner?! …Yeah! St. Patty’s Day! You really get me, you know man. I mean, you could’ve said, I dunno “Labor Day”, or you could’ve said “Halloween”! But you didn’t. You have your sights set on real, deserving holidays. Me too. Irish beer, anyone?

Since we’re only seven months away, I thought it might be a good idea to get a jump on widdling down the beer selection for all the rejoicing imbibed. I mean, seven months will fly by on you when you’re imbibing on a fairly dedicated basis. Which, based on our prior jawing, I know to be the case.

So, as St. Patrick did before us – let us raise our mugs of hoppy wonderment to, well, to the hoppy wonderment! Let’s keep it authentic. Along with the experts at, here are the Irish beers I’ll be pining for:

Galway Bay “Buried at Sea” Stout (4.3%) …This chocolate milk stout comes to us straight from Galway, so you know it’s extra stouty. The Independent notes its “hit of chocolate and a creamy sweetness which dries out with some smoky and nutty notes at the finish”.


The White Hag “Little Fawn” IPA (4.2%) … The “White Hag” is apparently a mythical irish creature. Its also a mythically delicious beer. Says Independent, “(It’s) brewed with clean malts and American hops to an easy-drinking strength. Grapefruit flavours lead the way with some juicier tropical notes of mango and a grassy bitterness joining along for the ride. These myth-loving brewers are well placed to become┬áIrish brewing legends”. What’s this White Hag all about, though?


Boudary Brewing “D’etre Rasberry-Blackberry” (4.9%) … Boundary is apparently a “cutting edge” brewery in the homeland. They rotate their seasonal ingredients, and are fond of “experimentation”. Independent calls it “an inviting, opaque booze that swirls with dark red hedgerow fruits and ends with a refreshing, spicy kick”. That’s really pushing the boundary… right?! August, September, October, March. Perfect. Happy imbibing.