For anyone looking for an adventure, there is so much to do in our backyard here as Southern Floridians and most never even think or know about some of the most amazing options available to us today at a very reasonable price. Owner/Founder/Operator Mr. David Hocher has made it possible for almost everyone to experience the tranquil azul Bahamian Exuma waters, swimming beach pigs, feeding nurse sharks and stingrays, James Bond’s incredible swim in or base jump in Thunderball Grotto, Sunken plane crashes, boat rentals and amazing food and drinks at his famous and popular Staniel Cay Yacht Club. And Watermakers Air out of Ft. Lauderdale Exec is the private airline that will get you there quickly, easily and safely. Of course, accessible by boat, you truly must fly in to experience the sheer beauty of the winding and twisting white sands buried by emerald and sapphire glistening waters below. Breathtaking and Unforgettable are words I prefer to use to describe this experience and this is just getting there.


Swimming Pigs

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Getting There:

Welcome to Watermakers Air and Exuma Cays Travel

Watermakers Air makes getting out to the islands of the Bahamas easier than ever before. Their fleet of dependable Cessna Grand Caravans and thier ability to offer “per seat” fares make them the most convenient, reliable, and economical option for passengers traveling to the Out Islands. Of course, they also offer private charters to any destination within a 500-mile radius as well as freight service into any scheduled destination. They fly out of a http://www.watermakersair.com/sky-lounge/ at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). Your trip to the islands will be faster and more comfortable than ever! Watermakers Air’s early morning flight has you enjoying breakfast at Staniel Cay Yacht Club and their early afternoon flight gets you into Staniel for an afternoon swim and cocktail on the deck. All flights to Staniel Cay make a brief stop to clear Bahamian Customs and Immigration as Staniel Cay is not a Port Of Entry.

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Where To Stay:

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

This is the hidden gem of the Bahamas and the secret is slowing getting out. This yacht club is so beautiful, the staff is so comforting and nice and there is just so much to do within such a small geographic location.

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Staniel Cay’s Bar and Restaurant:

Their incredible turquoise water view bar is chosen as ONE OF JIMMY BUFFET’S 10 BEST BARS IN THE CARIBBEAN!

And their restaurant conveniently located just behind it is incredibly tasting and very affordable.

Serving exceptionally delicious and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant will not disapoint.

Yacht Charters at Staniel Cay:

 Staniel Cay works with several charter yachts should you wish to explore the beauty of the Exumas from the turquoise waters.


75′ Hatteras Motor Yacht - available for charter from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club

51′ LAGOON 500 CATAMARAN CRUISER YACHT- available for charter from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club

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Enjoy your stay and I’ll see you in paradise,

Josh Leidolf