Over the past decade the “ideal body type” for many women has constantly been changing because of society. Whether you were born with a Big butt, Small butt, Square butt, or Bubble butt 75% percent of the female population “want the booty they don’t have” due to societies expectations on beauty. The most recent trend that many woman wanted was “BIG BOOBS” so if you didnt have them you’d BUY THEM. Today the new “IT THING” to have is a “BIG BUTT” but what happens if your butt is already small? Do you buy that also? You guessed it… YES THEY DO! Females can definately build a bigger booty without getting the surgery done. WEIGHT TRAINING is the answer. With consistent weight training you are expected to see muscle growth within 3-4 months. When you want instant results many go to plastic surgery. In my opinion, I do not find fake butts appealing to the eye. Have you ever seen one before? If not, check out this video!!!

What do you guys think of them? Yay or Nay?! If you want a bigger butt but do not want to go through will all the surgery here’s the top 3 exercises for building rounder glutes!

  1. Squats: Hold a barbell across your back using an overhand grip. Keeping your head up and chest high, push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor.
  2. Bulgarian Split Squats: Bend your right leg and place the top of your right foot on the bench as you place your hands behind your head. This is the starting position.
    Keeping your torso upright, bend your left leg and lower your body until your left leg is bent at least 90 degrees. Push your body back to the starting position.
  3. Weighted Walking Lunges: With your arms at your sides and a dumbbell in each hand, step forward. Lunge and alternate legs with each step. Lunge low. Make sure your front knee never extends past your toes.