To be a Trump it seems is to be a walking contradiction.


Donald Trump is a billionaire who says he is for the everyday man, while attempting to give tax cuts to the rich via cuts to Medicaid for the poor.

Ivanka Trump says she is for women’s rights, but the administration she is a part of is trying to take away women’s health care rights and options on multiple levels.

Eric Trump runs a charity golf tournament that makes more money for the Trumps, then it does for the cancer kids it is supposed to be helping.

Donald Trump Jr. wore a fake news t-shirt and verbally assaulted democrats over the Russia allegations. All the while knowing that he himself, had meetings with Russians, about their attempts to help his father win the presidential election in 2016.


Basically every Trump has two sides…

They have the side they show in public, when they tell everyone what they want to hear, and then they have who they really are. Who the Trumps really are can be seen by their actions not their words. Their actions say that they are an over entitled and over compensated family with no regard for the law or common decency. The Trumps are the epitome of American greed and mass consumption.

The Trump’s have built a family fortune on the backs of others, by cutting every corner, and by taking advantage of their position at every opportunity. The Trumps are shrewd operators, running their family business like a corporate grey area crime family. Their only rules? Do whats best for the family and everyone pays biggly. The Trumps are so used to doing what’s best for them, it is literally impossible for them to do whats best for the country. Proving once and for all that a Trump cannot see passed its own nose.

The only problem is that this corporate crime family has now taken their hustle to Washington. With the help of people like Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, and Vladimir Putin they now control the world’s largest military and the keys to the free world’s very stability. Forcing me to take a second look at our own election system here in America. One has to ask ones self at this point, if our elections are this flawed is it really safe for us to have this big of a military?

It is obvious now, that at any point some flawed human being could easily take over the controls of this giant American killing machine that we have created. Imagine if Donald Trump was not a buffoon, imagine if had real political talent. We would have just lost control of the world’s biggest military, and thus lost control of our country to Russia. Think about that shit sheeple, and then wake the fuck up!

We gotta make some changes in America, these election laws have to be tightened ASAP, starting with campaign finance reform. It’s time to drain the swamp for real, our politicians are so greedy they are in bed with other countries now. We were lucky to catch this attempt on our democracy, but next time they will put in someone better. So we need to be prepared and we need to clean this shit up now. Not later!!!