Life insurance companies are beginning to bring tech into their policy approval conversations. The idea is to snap a selfie using the analytics tech in the insurance app. Using a specific meter, you are then facially judged for life insurance approval or denial. Insurance agents are now equipped with tech formerly reserved for the non-civilian sector.

Lapetus creates tech for “lifecycle event companies”. One more time: “lifecycle event companies”. How sterile. How excitingly dystopian.

On birthdays, we’ll sing “Happy lifecycle event to you!”

Do you think a “lifecycle event” can only be a natural occurrence? Or can anything we put on the calendar that relates to an anatomical circumstance be deemed a “lifecycle event”?

At news of someone’s passing, will we say, “How did his lifecycle event happen?”

Anyway, Lapetus is a tech company that specializes in “technology-based solutions for lifecycle event companies”. Essentially, their specialty is predicting life events using “facial analytics, biodemography, (and) dynamic questioning”. Let’s go ahead and break this down:

Facial analytics… They’re claiming that this is an emerging technology-based science using “digital image(s) to examine an individual’s facial features to determine never before developed analysis that is indicative of longevity and health”.

Now let’s go ahead and break that one down. The development of longevity and health indicators using “never before developed analysis” sounds pretty groundbreaking. We’re not medical doctors or professional scientists, you and I, but if we’re on the doorstep of something that sounds medically revolutionary… shouldn’t the limitations of this new-found technology surpass the restraints of the life insurance sector?

Biodemography… is apparently the combination of biological knowledge and demographic research. These are things that “biodemography” takes into account: anthropology, ecology, embryology, epidemiology, evolutionary biology, genetics, molecular biology, pathology, population genetics. So, those are a lot of scientific angles to take into account.

So, there you have it folks. Exciting new emerging technology is everywhere… even in life insurance. Here’s to you making it to your next “life event”!