facebook fraud, webroot Webroot, a new security partner from Facebook, hit SFLChronicle’s Facebook page with a security warning today. Needles to say, this was a surprise to us, since we have a full in-house security staff. After calling them on the phone and waiting thirty minutes for someone to answer the phone so we could ask them what the problem was, they told us it was a “false positive,” which means there was nothing actually wrong with our site or our Facebook page. Basically, Webroot had blocked tens of thousands of outgoing links for no reason at all, costing us Facebook fans, web traffic, and a our online reputation.

All because some company named Webroot, that no one has ever heard of, marked as malware???

Yup, unfortunately this is the new corporate, sold-out Facebook, folks. A Facebook where you can be held hostage by a Facebook partner on the busiest news day of the year for absolutely no reason at all. Today, the Boston bomber was caught, and for no valid, legitimate reason at all, all of our news links were destroyed by Webroot, a company that is supposed to be securing the web. Facebook polices everything you do, how many friends you have, what comments you make, etc., but when it comes to their partners like Webroot, they can do whatever they want and run roughshod over the system. Like destroying your company’s social network that took you years to build, and basically telling you to take a hike when you call them to ask them to fix it. Facebook offers little to no recourse for its users that are abused by their partners. I guess they can’t afford that with a billion dollars… I personally think we should all boycott Facebook until they set up a 1-800-hotline to start dealing with the constant issues on their site. I’m tired of getting abused by their network and not having any recourse to correct the issue. What Webroot did to the Chronicle fan page was wrong, and if we had a 1-800 number we could have reported it and had it fixed. Instead, as of now all of our links are still broken and Facebook has no clue they are being taken advantage of by their partner.

We spent over two hours with the Webroot people on the phone, who frantically tried to fix the mistake before breaking all the links on our fan page and sending them to this blank Facebook page. The first rep, who we were on the phone with for over an hour, could not fix the problem and said the warning was from Webroot’s marketing department. Does that mean they fraudulently block people and then try to get them to hire them to remove the block? Could be, I’m not a cyber detective, but what I do know is they fraudulently blocked us, then rerouted our links to a page that reported a fake malware attack, and then gave us their own link to fix it.  They basically reached out of cyberspace, destroyed our fan page, and then offered us nothing for the damage they had done to our company. The last rep whom we spoke to was the rudest manager ever, who tried to tell me the error was on my server, even though the URL has a Facebook address. After I corrected him, he tried to fix it for about 30 minutes before giving up. Currently, our page flashes between a fraudulent malware warning and the blank page. All attempts to reach Facebook about the problem, and believe me we made many, were not returned.

Oh yeah, the rep also told me to “just write a status on your page that the malware warning is false, then people will still click through.” Really??? This is the advice of a Facebook partner’s manager? For shame, Facebook. For shame, Mark Zuckerberg, you’re supposed to be a tech guy, and for shame anyone who was in on making this pathetic, unprofessional joke of a company Webroot, a Facebook partner.

Here are a bunch of links to other people who have been defrauded by Webroot.com.

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Makes you feel safe knowing these guys have access to all your personal information through your Facebook page, right???

Below you will see indisputable proof from Google that our site was clean and Webroot fraudulently and maliciously marked our page and destroyed our links for absolutely no reason at all.

Webroots Fraud

Here is Webroot’s fake fraudulent warning that comes up on Print Killer’s site SFLChronicle.com.

webroots fraud 2