That’s right folks, all those crazy comments and pictures of you with other girls may very well come back to haunt you. According to a new story just released by the associated press, Facebook is the new favorite source of information for divorce attorneys. Quite simply said, lawyers are thrilled about our over sharing. In some cases attorneys have yielded a wealth of personal information from a person’s Facebook account and then turned and used it against them in court. Take for example the mom who lost custody of her kids because she was playing Farmville when she claimed to be spending time with them or the dad who denied having anger managment issues just to have all his violent Facebook threats admitted as evidence, and God forbid there is pictures up of you with someone else when infidelity is the issue. Any or all of these things can and will be used against you should you end up in court. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says that 81% of its members have been involved in a case that has used social networking sites  as evidence. So apparently judges have no problem admitting such evidence. When asked about  it most judges say its difficult if not impossible to make a fraudulent posting on someone’s Facebook account so in most cases the evidence is very reliable. So the lesson here I believe is, if you see your relationship headed for the rocks be sure you delete her from your friends list asap and do not under any circumstances post something on a social networking site you wouldn’t want to appear in court!!!