It all started back on August 17, when a list of 69 teenage boys from Colombia was published on Facebook. The men were from the town of Puerto Asis, and the message that adjoined the list had a terrifying warning: “Leave town in three days, or you will be executed”. The Colombian police (of course) ignored the threat, saying it was a hoax, but now three boys are already dead and the town of Puerto Asis is living in pure terror.

The first two victims, 16-year-old Diego Ferney Jaramillo and 17-year-old Eibart Alejandro Ruiz Munoz, were both killed while riding their motorcycles outside of town. Directly after the murders the Facebook hit list was found with both boys’ names on it, throwing the small town of Puerto Asis into what seems like a real life horror movie. Two days later, the unknown killers added another 31 names to the list only this time they were girls. The 31 new names bring the grand total of marked persons in Puerto Asis to exactly 100. Then on August 20, the killers struck again. This time killing 19-year-0ld Norbey Alexander Vargas and injuring 16-year-old Juan Pablo Zambrano Anacona; both of the boys’ names were on the list.

Five days into the murder spree, Colombian police still remain baffled as to who put the list together, but they say there are two strong possibilities. One is the Colombian Marxist rebel group known as the FARC, and the other is a gang known as the Los Rastrojos. Facebook has of course blocked the page, so it is unclear whether it was a note, message or even a wall post, but one thing is for sure, for the teenagers on that list, it is down right terrifying.