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The last official backyard brawl, Face Breaker 2, will be going down live in South Miami this Saturday, June 19! Notoriously known for starting the Kimbo Slice epidemic, these backyard fights are a no-holds-barred event like nothing you have ever witnessed.

The recently gone pro-mixed martial artist, Dfahir “Dada5000” Harris, will host the event literally in the backyard. The South Florida Chronicle had a chance to speak with Mr. 5000 and get some insight on what to expect at this hard-boiled event. He says, “The rules are that there are no rules.” Comparable to the film “Fight Club” this event has no rounds, no time limits, and no head or hand protection; that means bloody knuckles and a lot of distorted faces. “We fight hard, and to beat me, you gotta kill me.” Dada said. He went on to explain that “Yeah, it’s barbaric, and we don’t know why we do it…we just do it. Most of these guys are fighting to prove a point for one reason or another.”

With over 12 fighters having moved on to become professional MMA stars, this is definitely a hunting ground for the next big name. Most recent to ascend to the pro-fight scene is Rene “Level” Martinez. Having built a name for himself in the backyard brawl events, he teamed up with MMA Masters’

Rene "Level" Martinez

fight team in Miami and began a serious training regimen that would give him the tools he needed to be a successful cage fighter. Not only has he become a spectacle inside the cage, but also he has a following unlike any other fighter. With an entourage of at least 30 people dressed in dark clothing and beanie hats, he enters his shows headed by men rapping and tailed by the likes of celebrity rap artist, Fat Joe. Now, with a record of 3-0 in only a few months, you can be sure to see more of Level. Also, not to mention, Dada 5000 himself is contracted for his second fight against the infamous Tank Abbott in September this year. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on that one!

For the past few years,, has been doing a documentary on these backyard brawls. Mostly recognized for their collaboration on “Cocaine Cowboys,” they have truly captured the depth to what these events represent. Below is a clip from the upcoming documentary that will give you an idea of what to expect this weekend. Don’t worry if you’re too chicken to check it out for yourself, South Florida Chronicle will be front row center to report all the gnarly highlights you’ll miss out on.

If you are interested in going to the event, tickets are $20 at the door.
Fights start at 1 pm and will be held outside.

Located at: 10421 SW 179th ST.
Perrine, FL 33157