This video went viral on youtube.

Jimmy and Amy Schumer play a game where they look through each other’s phones and force each other to explain the images found in their photo albums.

So they exchanged phones, which Amy did reluctantly and started playing. It’s worth noting that Amy said to Jimy to feel free to skip some of them.

Jimmy Fallon starts with the one where Amy is on the beach with the group of friends including Jerry Seinfeld and a huge brown pig in  front of them. So Amy tries to make up a story that she is doing charity for some pig orgnanizations, but that did not work with Jimmy.

So it turns out that in the Bahamas there is an island where people go to hang around with pigs. The Bachelor did it this year in season 20 and it seemed like a fun idea, but nobody liked it. And now they went to that island and got this blind pig named Brigit. And yeah, no one liked it. It was not fun at all.

Well, Amy goes after Jimmy and asks to explain the photo where Jimmy is wearing a t-shirt I Shot The Sheriff and has a weird haircut that makes him look like a 70’s porn star.

Watch the vid for Jimmy’s explanation.