The Miami police are looking for a man who stole expensive pigeons from a store while wearing a bucket on his head. Also he was wearing a black trash bag on his body. This is so ridiculous and funny at the same time, but not really.

The owner says the same thing happened few months back and if it continues, he will be out of business. Thank goodness for cameras. They have surveillance footage showing the robber searching through cages inside a store before he finds the expensive pigeons he wants. Hopefully they will find this man with the bucket on his head and arrest him for what he has done.

He collects the pigeons in one cage and then sets up a ladder to escape. The only problem the gentlemen has is when he gets to the parking lot, he climbs a fence before falling off a ladder with the pigeons in hand. Please help find this guy and get those pigeons back to the right owner and store. Read more here at the Miami Herald.