Meg Ryan got the chance to reunite with Tom Hanks in her directorial debut, Ithaca, and the celebrated actress had nothing but praise for her famous onscreen love interest when she spoke with Entertainment Tonight. She said, “He did us such a beautiful favor. Such a lovely guy.As for directing the two-time Oscar winner, Ryan explained that Hanks needed no guidance. She added, “You don’t have to direct him, he just gets it. He asks great questions, and he’s lovely to be around.”

According to Ryan, the experience of making the film was very similar to raising her son. Ryan recounted, “He’s always been such a creative kid, he was always directing things of his own around the house and acting in these crazy little movies he and his friends would always make. At a certain point there’s a little sort of chaotic scene on a train and I thought, ‘This is really no different than my last 20 years with Jack Quaid.’